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Course Information

The course websites listed below are updated to reflect the most recent semester the course was taught. I update the courses each semester that I teach them, so the material may be different than in previous years. If you're looking for a specific semester of the course, feel free to reach out.

Course Evaluations

I take pride in my course evaluations and work diligently to improve as an educator. The following are various ratings and evaluations that I have accumulated since I started teaching. If you are interested in the full evaluations, please contact me. I've taken the weighted average of all sections I've ever taught of the course.


The following ratings represent a summary of evaluations of my teaching quality based on students' responses. For Pennsylvania State University, values can range from 1 to 7, with one representing "poor" and seven representing "outstanding." Response rates range from 40% to 60% in most classes.


Economics of Crime


Natural Resources Economics


Principles of Microeconomics


Labor Economics

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