Sports Economics

"March Madness: NCAA Tournament Participation and College Alcohol Use" [Open Access]
(with Dustin White and Ben Cowan)
Contemporary Economic Policy, 37(3): 449-461, 2019.
Media Coverage: [Associated PressThe Conversation, Washington PostHigher Education Center]


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"Pundits: The confidence trick: Better confident than right?" [open access]
(with Ben Smith)
Significance, 10(4): 15-18, August 2013.
Media Coverage: [ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Inc, The Telegraph, MarketWatch, Business Insider, NPR.]

General Pedagogy

"The Role of Relevance in Economics Education: A Survey" [open access]
(with Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Darshak Patel, and Kim Holder)
Forthcoming at Journal for Economic Educators.

"Economics in a Crisis: A Cautious Approach to Being Relevant" [open access]
(with Abdullah Al-Bahrani)
Journal of Economics Teaching, 5(4), 142-151, 2021.

"Facilitating Student Connections and Study Partners During Periods of Remote and Online Learning" [open access]
(with Wayne Geerling and Nicola Thomas)
Journal of Economics Teaching, 5(2): 1-14, 2020.

"Economics is a Kahoot!" [Online resource available]
(with Charity-Joy Acchiardo and Dirk Mateer)
The Journal of Economics Education, 51(3-4): 380, 2020.

"Improving Student Performance through Loss Aversion"
(with Ben Smith, Rebekah Shrader, Dustin White, John Dogbey, Steve Nath, Michael O'Hara, Nan Xu, and Robert Rosenman) 
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 5(4): 278-288, 2019.

"Create random assignments: A cloud-based tool to help implement alternative teaching materials"
(with Ben Smith
The Journal of Economic Education, 49(3): 297, 2018.

Teaching with Media

"Teaching Economics with Breaking Bad" [Online resources available]
(with Steve Muchiri, and Mihai Paraschiv)
Forthcoming at Journal of Economics Teaching.

"Teaching Principles of Microeconomics the Economics Media Library" [open access]
(with Kelsi Hobbs)
Applied Economics Teaching Resources, 3(1), 37-57, 2021.

"Have Coase – Will Travel: New Ways to Teach Coase Using Old Media[open access]
(with Jon Murphy and John Schuler)
Journal of Private Enterprise, 35(4), 71-86, 2020.

"Integrating Discussion and Digital Media to Increase Classroom Interaction" 
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"Adam Ruins Everything, Except Economics" [open access]
(with James Tierney)
Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 18(1), 34-53, 2019

"An In-Class Experiment to Teach Marginal Revenue Product Using the Baseball Labor Market and Moneyball" [open access]
(with Dustin White)

Journal of Economics Teaching, 3(1): 115-133, 2018. 


"Economics Within ABC's Modern Family" [Online resources available]
(with Kalina Staub and Susan Reilly) 
The Journal of Economics Education, 51(2), 210, 2020. 

"Teaching Economics Using NBC's Parks and Recreation" [Online resources available]
(with Kalina Staub).
The Journal of Economic Education, 50(1): 87-88, 2019. 

"Economics Media Library" [Online resources available]
The Journal of Economic Education, 49(4): 364-365, 2018. 

"Lesson Plans for Teaching Economics with The Big Bang Theory" [Open access, Online resources available]
(with James Tierney, Dirk Mateer, Ben Smith, and Wayne Geerling)
Journal of Economics Teaching, 3(1): 162-184, 2018. 

Art of Econ: Incorporating the Arts Through Active Learning Assessments in Principles Courses [open access]
(with Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Kim Holder, and Darshak Patel)
Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 15(2): 1-16, 2016.

Bazinganomics: Economics of The Big Bang Theory [Online resource available]
(with James Tierney, Dirk Mateer, Ben Smith, and Wayne Geerling)

The Journal of Economic Education, 47(2): 192, 2016.

Work in Progress

"Teaching Economics with Scenes from Superstore"
(with Brian Lynch)
Working paper available at SSRN.

"Breaking Down the Language Barrier: Using Pop Culture from Across the Globe to Teach Microeconomics"

(with Wayne Geerling, Dirk Mateer, and Florencia Gabriele)
Working paper available at SSRN.


"Diversifying the Use of Pop Culture in the Classroom: Using K-pop to Teach Principles of Economics"

(with Wayne Geerling and Angelito Calma)

Working paper available at SSRN.

"Using Superstore to Supplement Instruction of the National Labor Relations Act"
(with Philip Miles)

Working paper available at SSRN.