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Travel Philosophy

My family never really traveled internationally growing up except for an occasional road trip to Mexico. The majority of our trips were road trips throughout the United States. These trips mainly focused on visiting national parks and staying away from home for weeks at a time.

It wasn't until graduate school that I decided I wanted to start traveling more, especially to international destinations. Starting in 2010, I set out to try and visit at least one new location every year. I'm very fortunate to have a partner that also loves traveling. We don't have any specific destinations and try to alternate our trips between hot and cold locations. Being in academia makes it very easy for us to find the time. We also try to bring back our experiences in the classrooms to show that what we're teaching isn't just confined to our regions.

Beyond the experiences, a little piece of each country comes back to our offices in the form of artwork or trinkets. Many of my former students stop by after breaks to see what new piece of art came back with us.

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