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The (Ideal) Economics Student Toolkit


Every semester I seem to be asked, "what do I have to have for this course?" While I know the students are really asking what books are required, there is so much more to it. The required material for a course is the minimum needed to pass a course, but it doesn't mean that you'll get an A. While it could just be a selection issue, students who have more than what's required tend to be really prepared come exam time. I've worked with some colleagues around the country to put together what we consider the ideal economics student toolkit to ensure students are ready to go on the first day. Some items may seem obvious, but others turn out to be more helpful than many realize.

After talking with some other faculty, this list includes a lot of good tools for other classes as well, not just economics. If you have any more ideas or found things that you thought were really helpful for your economics course, please reach out to me.

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