The (Ideal) Economics Student Toolkit


Each year I'm inevitably asked "what do I have to have for this course?" While I know the students are really asking what's required, there is so much more to it. The required material for a course is the minimum needed to pass a course, but it doesn't mean that you'll get an A. While it could just be a selection issue, students who have more than what's required tend to be really prepared come exam time. Together with help from James Tierney, I give you the Economics Student Toolkit:​

High-quality Notebooks
Solid binder
Felt tip markers (multiple colors)
4-function Calculator
Sticky notes
Multiple highlighters
Notecards for flashcards
McCloskey's Economical Writing
Micreconomics Study Card
Macreconomics Study Card
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After talking with some other faculty, this list includes a lot of good tools for other classes as well, not just economics. If you have any more ideas, reach out to me.

Jadrian Wooten, PhD