Stadium Quest


I love sports in general, but I love stadiums even more. As an economist, I should hate the idea of public funding going toward something that doesn't generate positive net returns, but alas, I'm irrational. I often find myself rooting for Houston sports teams, but I love live sports in general and can watch just about anything! My main focus is to visit every Division 1 (FCS & FBS) college football stadium in the United States. The map below shows various college football, NFL, baseball, and soccer stadiums that I've visited in my life. The icons are based on the sport played (or watched) at that stadium and they are color-coded by the team's primary color. 


Both FBS & FCS football stadiums as well as NFL and CFL stadiums.



Minor leagues & major league baseball stadiums in the U.S..



Any professional soccer stadium, regardless division on the pyramid.