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Teaching Economics with Music

Music is a great way to engage students with economics concepts that they didn't realize they were learning through their music choice.  The following boxes below contain Spotify playlists that I've put together with songs that I like to use to teach economics. I tend to play these songs before class starts as students are filling in after their last class. The music tends to be in the background as I'm setting up for class. If you want to use the song in the middle of class as a teaching tool, I'd recommend checking out a lot of the great music videos posted to Economics Media Library and Econ Gone Country.


Why Spotify? First of all, it's free. There are ads, but Spotify plays a few songs between ads and often offers ad-free blocks if you listen to an add. Second, many of your students may be signed up for a Spotify student account, which is only $5 per month and includes Spotify Premium and Hulu. 


Are there good songs that you love to teach with that I'm missing? Feel free to contact me and let me know.

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