College Athletics

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Change in donations to Penn State following their major scandal. Outline of the revenues and costs of running college football programs (USA Today)


Temple University comes under fire for alledgedly valuing football over their other sports (Slate)


Brief summary of the ​Ed O'Bannon lawsuit over using college athlete's likeness in video games (ESPN)


Should college athletes be paid (Washington Post)


The College Atletics Business: Bucket Cases (The Economist)


Division I Student-Athletes Make the Grade (NCAA)

HBO Real Sports

Discussing the merits of players being paid when the NCAA earns millions

Podcasts & Webpages

Satirical cartoon depicting the "heavy load" of college athletes (Pat Bagley)


The story of Southern Methodist Football and the cheating scandal of 1987 (ESPN 30 for 30: Pony Excess)


Can selling beer at college football stadiums actually reduce public drunkeness? (Freakonomics)


NBA Could Consider Subsidies for NCAA Players to Keep Them in College Longer (Bleacher Report)


How much colleges made and spent on sports in 2012-2013 (ESPN)


The money that moves college athletics. An interactive search tool that allows you to find your university's spending on sports (ESPN)

ESPN Outside the Lines

Featuring NCAA President Mark Emmert discussing the controversy of paying student athletes

Additional Videos

Satirical discussion of the NCAA and their rules on prohibiting player pay (mild language) (The Daily Show)


Stephen Colbert discusses pay-for-play with author Taylor Branch (The Colbert Report)


Discussion on the pay-for-play debate regarding fairness issues among revenue and non-revenue generating sports (Fox News)


The disparity in college sports (The Daily Show)


College sports  thrive amid downtown (ESPN)


High school athletes discussing whether college athletes should be paid

Victoria Lund

Video collage arguing in favor of paying college athletes

Jadrian Wooten, PhD