Supply and Demand for Sports

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Fans in Portland demand a unique fan experience from NBA and MLS games (The Columbian)


Decrease in income leads to a decrease in demand for Seattle area golf courses (Seattle Times)


The Univeristy of Minnesota uses a unique ticketing scheme aimed at increasing demand for their games (ESPN) (+)


How college athletic programs are fighting the power of TV as a substitute for actually attending games (USA Today)


When quantity supplied actually outnumbers supply: Penn State oversells students tickets for Homecoming (


University of Michigan has a long standing tradition of selling out their student seats, which means its time to raise prices (Ann Arbor News) and they aren't happy about it (Ann Arbor News)


Winning isn't the only determinant of attendance, even in Boston (Boston Globe)


Even when the Yankee's are down, star players like Alex Rodriguez bring ticket prices up (Bloomberg)


NCAA Freshman One-and-Done  Dazzle Long-Term Basketball Harm (Bloomberg)

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Economists at Northwestern use a Ductch Auction to allocate basketball tickets (

Northwestern Athletics

Economists discuss Purple Pricing as a way to alleviate the negative side effects from dynamic pricing

Jadrian Wooten, PhD