Revenue Generation and Advertising

News Articles & Books

How Personal Seat Licenses have grown since their inception (Bleacher Report)


How the Phoenix Suns use dynamic pricing to increase revenue for the appearance of superstars (Phoenix Business Journal)


Dynamic Ticket Pricing: The Future of Ticket Pricing in Sports (Forbes)


Brazil is offering 1/2 price seats for obese individuals to attend the World Cup. Perhaps some unintended consequences with this price discrimination (DeadSpin)

Podcasts & Webpages

Discussion on methods for the NCAA to increase their revenue streams (Freakonomics)


A look at major companies that sponsor individual events (PGA Tour) (NASCAR) (NCAA Bowl Games) (PBR)


The potential value of jersey sponsorships for the National Football League (Freakonomics)

Additional Videos

NBA's Clippers do a good job explaining why fans should buy season tickets to avoid the increasing price associated with dynamic pricing (LA Clippers)

Duke Blue Planet

Various forms of Nike sponsorships for  Duke University athletics


Panel discussion on the ways that leagues generate revenue from technological innovation


A look at various technological innovations in professional stadiums to increase revnues

Jadrian Wooten, PhD