How Players & Coaches Are Paid

News Articles & Books

Moneyball evaluates how the Okland A's used advanced sabremetrics to build a baseball team using undervalued players (Movie) (Book)


Was Michael Jordan worth his salary? A look at Jordan's impact beyond ticket sales (Fortune)


How much is Lebron James worth to Northeast Ohio? (Cleveland Plain Dealer)


Here's how much college athletes are worth (BusinessInsider)


Comparison of the imbalance between men and women's endoresements  in sports (The Guardian)


How much did Matt Barkley forego by staying in college one additional year (Fox Sports)


Unique and interesting bonus paid to college football coaches (USA Today) (KRQE)


Interactive blog portraing the salaries of FBS coaches in 2007 (USA Today)


Examination of various ways professional athletes have gone broke after their playing careers (Yahoo! Finance)


How fans view business executives compared to professional athletes (AlJazeera)


Full documentary of the Seattle Supersonics quest for a new stadium and subsequent relocation to Oklahoma City.  Brief DVD available for purchase on their website)

Podcasts & Webpages

Forbes Fortunate 50: A list of the highest paid players in 2012 (Forbes)


An infographic comparing the Michael Jordan's endorsements with Bill Gates (WowEffect)


A look at why NBA players tend to earn more money than other positions (SportsBusinessDaily)


The Racial and Gender Report Card (RGRC) details how different leagues and media companies rank in the hiring or minorities (UCF College of Business)


Simpson's episode in which Mr. Burns hires professional MLB players so that they can join the company softball team, illustrating the Rottenberg Principle

Additional Videos

The story of Marcus Dupree who never materialized from high school superstar into a collegiate and professional football player (ESPN 30 for 30: Straight Outta LA)


The story of how professional athletes go through bankruptcy (ESPN 30 for 30: Broke)


Picking a Winner: The 1998 NFL Draft (NY Times Retro Report)

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